The main character in this anime series. She lives a colorful Middle School life. She is active, positive, and full of high spirits, but when the chips are down, everyone knows they can rely on her. She inspires trust and respect. Her specialties are martial arts techniques that were taught by her parents.

Height:154 cm / Grade:Second Grade of Middle School / Blood Type: O / Hobby: Pressing Flowers in an album / Favorite Food:Udon/Date Of Birth: March 21st

Classmate and best friend of Yuki Yuna. She knows Yuna better than anyone else. The two girls are neighbors and always spend time together. She has a low-key but classy style and has a variety of talents. She is great with a computer, bakes terrific sweets, and more.

Height:158cm / Grade:Second grade of Middle School / Blood type:AB / Hobby:Baking sweets / Favorite Food: Udon / Date Of Birth:April 8th

Leader of the Brave Hero Club. She doesn’t bother with trivial issues, but she sees the big picture and inspires the others to follow her like a big sister. She loves her little sister, ITSUKI very much. She is good at cooking, keeping house and loves eating.

Height:163cm / Grade: Third Grade of Middle School / Blood Type: A / Hobby: Going for a walk / Favorite Food:Udon / Date of Birth:May 1st

A younger sister of Fu. She adores her sister, Fu very much. She behaves like a clever little animal, always hiding behind her big sister. But she always does her best as the only First Grader member of the Brave Hero Club. Her special ability is fortune telling, and it is said her tarot card readings are pretty reliable.

Height:148 cm / Grade:First Grade of Middle School / Blood Type: O / Hobby: Fortune Telling / Favorite Food:Udon / Date Of Birth: December 7th